Kill Your Kids; A Proposal

No Gods. No religion. No afterlife. No souls.
No fate. No destiny. No transcendent karma, luck or love.
No objective morals, values or norms.
No heaven. No hell. No limbo. No meaning of life.
No ghosts. No spirits. No astrology. No past or present lives.
No mind reading. No fortune telling.
No conservatism. No fascism. No nationalism.
No pride in that which we had no say. No capitalism.
No more fucking platitudes.
Brain chemistry, introspection, extrospection, humanism, self-worth.
A sense of perspective and a quest to actively create purpose where there is none.
Objective, rational analysis and ceaseless reevalutaion.
Acceptance of existential freedom and resulting responsibility.
Life as life and death as death. No fear.
Breath in. Open up your head. Kill your kids.